The Finest in fishing lures since 1956!

“Lake Christina trout by a 9 year old from Cleveland Ohio. Caught 5 nice trout in 20 minutes while waiting for the boat to pick us up. Love Jake's Lures!”

Cleveland, Ohio


“I wanted to thank you for the awesome lures. We fished all day on Jackson Lake with your 1/4 oz Spin-a-lure and just hammered them. One after the other. Big Macks! My 9 year-old Dylan got absolutely addicted to fishing. I have the best fishing buddy I could ask for now!!!


Let me know if you would like more details to post our testimonial. I'm going to try your lures on the Sacramento River near Redding and high Sierras (we're from the San Francisco area). Anyways, thanks again, we had an epic day of fishing with your lures."



“Congratulations for making the most effective trout lure on the market! I first ran on to your creation at Yellowstone National Park in 1980…After a couple of fishing trips, we began to refer to it as the ‘magic lure’, since fish appeared every time we used it even if they were biting on nothing else.”

Moscow, Idaho


“Ten years ago while working as a seasonal employee for the Yellowstone Park Company, in Old Faithful Wyoming, a friend introduced me to one of your lures. Ever since that summer in Yellowstone, Jake’s Spin-A-Lure has been the only lure my tackle box is kept stocked with.”

Ripon, California


“These lures are fantastic for catching Steelhead Trout on the tributaries of Lake Michigan.”

Brookfield, Illinois


“While traveling, I purchased one of your ‘Jake’s’ lures and found it to be VERY effective on trout in Yellowstone. The largest trout I caught was 18,” but I hooked and released approximately 60 in 4 days.”

Warsaw, Indiana


“As mentioned to you, I find this lure to be very effective in our local waters for white and speckled trout.”

Pensacola, Florida


“I was introduced to your Spin-A-Lure last year by a friend. I bought two in Montana on the way home. I wish to tell you I have had pretty good luck with it. I have caught Northern Pike, Sauger, Bass and Walleye, all on the same lure.”

Bismark, North Dakota


“For some strange reason we have had phenomenal success with Spin-A-Lures when the trout are not biting on anything else.”

Seattle, Washington


“I would like to give you and your company some valuable information; your lures work like a miracle on rainbows, brookies, brown trout, and all the other fish in the Mammoth area.”

Del Mar, California


“I am a charter boat captain. A customer recently gave me one of your Spin-A-Lures to try. It caught many, many fish.”

South Lake Tahoe, California


“I got a couple of your Spin-A-Lures in Yellowstone last year. The trout in Arizona like it too.”

Scottsdale, Arizona


“TROUT! TROUT! TROUT! CUTTHROAT TROUT! You’re Spin-A-Lure can catch more trout than a net. My father and I have fished in Yellowstone for years. Beginning on June 15, every year, your lure parts the water and lands in the mouth of hundreds of hungry, famous Cutthroat of Yellowstone Park. Thank you for a great lure.”

Houston, Texas


“While trout fishing, I met a man from Montana who was fishing using a Stream-A-Lure. He was enjoying good success catching trout and said he always had to go to Wyoming to get those lures. I am sending you a stamped addressed envelope for information on this lure, such as where to buy it and how much they sell for.”

Shawano, Wisconsin


“Enclosed is money to cover the cost and a sample of your Spin-A-Lure package. Please send me as many as the money covers. I have had great luck with your Spin-A-Lure on lake trout and I want to make sure I always have some of your lures in my tackle box.”

St. Cloud, Minnesota


“A friend sent one of your lures to me (Spin-A-Lure) and it was absolutely GREAT! For Northern and Walleyes.”

Algonquin, Illinois


“I fished Montana’s streams for trout for a couple of years ago. I was told about your lures and how well they worked…I couldn’t believe it. I brought one back to Missouri, to see if it would work on Hatchery Trout…it sure does.”

Republic, Missouri


“I find that the Spin-A-Lure work great for catching Bass.”

Fort Campbell, Kentucky


“I Used the Wyoming Wobbler while fishing in Yellowstone and had lots of success with it. I used it in Ohio for Bass and Crappies with good results. I now use it in Florida with good results on Trout and Snook.”

St. Petersburg, Florida


“I lived in New York and like fishing very much. Recently a friend of mine, who was stationed in Colorado, gave me one of your lures. I have never seen them before but they work super!”

Pero, New York


“Please send two dozen brass finish Spin-A-Lures. The high alpine lake fishing is starting here in Northwest Washington and the ‘Wyoming Whoopee’, as we call it out here, really knocks ‘em dead.”

Lynnwood, Washington


“My father gave me a Jake’s Spin-A-Lure in Colorado. This lure is a favorite of mine. I am sure people here in Ohio don’t know how great these lures are or they would stock them.”

Uniontown, Ohio


“Several years ago two friends and myself took a fishing trip to Colorado. While checking with a local bait shop, they sold us a Spin-A-Lure. I had great success with the lure then and has been one of my ‘Special - No Fail’ lures ever since.”

Las Vegas, Nevada


I am writing to ask whether I can purchase fishing lures from you. I have had fantastic success with your brass Spin-A-Lure in my area. I have used them for Trout, Cutthroat, Whitefish, Dolly Vanden and have done very well on Salmon!”

Marysville, Washington


“I have tried your lures and I feel that a brass Jake’s Spin-A-Lure works the best for any type of fishing, any time of year.”

Kendrick, Idaho


“A few months ago my wife and I went on vacation at Yellowstone. While there, I had gone fishing a few times but with no success. An elderly gentleman told me to buy one of your brass Spin-A-Lures. I did and had great success. In fact, every time I went fishing with one of your lures, I caught lots of trout. Before heading back to Texas, I bought 20 lures, however, some have been lost on fishing trips and I gave some away to other fishermen. Your product turned my vacation into a highly successful fishing trip. Thank you.”

Abilene, Texas


“This summer, while fishing in Minnesota, we caught several Northern Pike on one of your lures.”

Seattle, Washington


“I have had much success with your brass Spin-A-Lure. I’ve found that if fish don’t strike at this lure, they are not going to strike at anything. It always works when nothing else will.”

Great Falls, Montana


“I purchased your spinner recently. It’s the best spinner I’ve ever used.”

Las Vegas, Nevada


“Recently, I had the opportunity to fish in Colorado near Pagosa Springs. One of my companions had a couple of your Spin-A-Lures. He let me use one and it was the best lure we had for Trout. It is far my most consistent lure. I’ve caught many Rainbows, Browns, Cutthroats and a few Brooks and Walleye.”

Laramie, Wyoming


“Your Spin-A-Lure has brought me great results for several years in this area.”

Washington, Connecticut


“Last week I went fishing in Yellowstone Lake. Before going out to fish, I picked up a Spin-A-Lure before going out in the boat. That’s right. Your lure was what the trout were hitting. I got five and had to return them all, as they all measured over 13 inches. I am going to Canada in a while and would like to try some of your lures there.”

Brazil, Indiana


“A year ago I used my first ‘Spin-A-Lure’ and found it to be a super lure. This year I spent 2 months in Cascade, Idaho fishing for big rainbows. The fishing was the best ever and I used nothing but your lures. I sure got a lot of buddies converted.”

LaGrande, Oregon


“Last month in Southern Utah (Otter Creek Reservoir) I picked up one of your Spin-A-Lures. My son used a Spin-A-Lure he picked up in Montana several years ago and had great success. We need someone to handle them in our area.”

Spring Valley, California


“Love your Spin-A-Lure that we call the ‘Golden Domino’, but unfortunately I’ve never found it in any store in my area. Last year, three friends and myself were fishing a high mountain lake. I was doing great but them nothing, so I gave each one of them a ‘Golden Domino’. They each caught a nice trout on their first cast. What a testimonial. Thanks for better fishing.”

West Hills, California


“Years ago, I bought two Spin-A-Lures in Northern Nevada and have had success with them. I lost one in a snag and have been tempted not to use my remaining one for fear of losing it too! I was trout fishing last weekend and had a strike or catch every cast. When my arm was tired of casting, I loaned my lure to a friend while I bottom fished. He was amazed at the success he had with the Spin-A-Lure. Had so much fun with it. It casts so smoothly too.”

Las Vegas, Nevada


“I find these lures are the most consistent producers for trout in this part of the country.”

Coulee Dam, Washington


“A friend of mine gave me one of your lures. I have had such great luck with it that I am afraid of losing it, so please send me one dozen of the brass Jake’s Spin-A-Lure.”

Medford, Oregon


“May I please order one dozen Jake’s Spin-A-Lure. I find these lures are the most consistent producers for Trout in this part of the country.”

Coulee Dam, Washington (Guide Service)


“You manufacture a lure that I have found productive and like very well, but I have not been able to find them in the Dallas or Ft. Worth area. I would like to try your ‘Wyoming Wobbler’ and ‘Stream-A-Lure’.”

Arlington, Texas


“I used your lure in Yellowstone. I have had tremendous success both in Yellowstone and back here in Michigan.”

Lake Orion, Michigan


“Enclosed please find a money order to purchase your extraordinary trout lure (Spin-A-Lure). Thanks for a great product.”

San Diego, California


“Last June we visited our son in Jackson, Wyoming. He took us fishing at various places and we really had a ball with your gold Spin-A-Lure. Being the Walleye capital of the U.S.A. here where I live, I brought back a half-dozen of your Spin-A-Lure. And let me tell you, no night crawlers, just your lure and I can catch my limit in no time at all. My fishermen friends just can’t believe it.”

Chesterland, Ohio


“I am writing for information on your Spin-A-Lure. I used it several years ago in Yellowstone for trout and then for salt-water fishing in California. I never caught so many fish so fast before or since with any other lure.”

Gerber, California


“Three weeks ago I purchased two of the brass Spin-A-Lure plugs in Yellowstone Park. I fished for trout all through Yellowstone, Glacier Park, back down in Colorado and on home to Lake Livingston, Texas. I caught trout easily with this lure. However, yesterday I caught black bass, white bass, perch and a catfish on this same lure. I looked everywhere I went during the rest of the trip, but never could find this plug again. No one in Livingston handles them.”

Livingston, Texas


“When we were in Yellowstone two years ago, we purchased some of your Spin-A-Lures and had fantastic success with them in the lake on Cutthroat to 18”. Two of us must have caught more than one hundred fish and only fifteen were small enough to keep during our stay there. Now I am in Ontario on the Nipigon River…I was catching Lake Trout and they sure loved the silver one. I think you may be hearing from my friend out here. I took him fishing with me and he only had one hit on his lure so I would hook them and let him play it on my rod. We caught about ten in 2 hours. I only saw one other one caught by someone else.”

Canyon Country, California

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The Finest in fishing lures since 1956!
The Finest in fishing lures since 1956!
The Finest in fishing lures since 1956!
The Finest in fishing lures since 1956!